From basics to advanced/sports training, we teach you the fundamental skills you need for a well-mannered dog with valuable training techniques along the way.

 Private classes are available for a variety of training needs including aggression, fearful behaviors, separation and general anxiety, under socialization and feral dogs, physically disabled dogs, service dog consultation/training as well clients who prefer a one-on-one training approach for any topic.

Topic-driven one time classes focusing on a specific topic. You, your dog along with others will learn how to to work with your dog around the specified topic. 

Whether you’ve just adopted a new dog or are in need of a refresher, we will give you the fundamental skills you need for a well-mannered dog and learn valuable training techniques along the way.
The Canine Center offers youth summer camps for kids and their dogs! Kids and dogs will spend their days enjoying various activities such as agility, scent work, scavenger hunts, and so much more!
Tired of leaving your best friend at home all day? We have in-home and drop-off options to best serve you and your dog.

The Canine Center organizes a number of trips throughout the year specifically designed with you and your dog in mind. From ski trips in Colorado, you’re bound to find an adventure both you and your dog will love.

Ready to usher in the cooler fall temperatures with a weekend chock full of fun activities for you and your dog? Well, we are too! Join us for our new fall Canine Camp November 1st-3rd at the beautiful 7A Ranch Resort situated on the Blanco River in Wimberly, Texas.

The Canine Center