Our Versions of Doggie Day Care!

Are you tired of leaving your beloved furry friend home alone all day while you’re busy at the office? Wishing you could come home to a worn out pooch after a long day of work? The Canine Center has the perfect solution for you!

RECESS for your DOG!

Drop your pup off at The Canine Center for a day chock-full of one-on-one playtime with Canine Center staff, trail walks through our lush 14-acre property, and all the interactive toy play your pooch can handle! At the Canine Center, we do not operate doggie play groups so you can rest easy knowing that your pup is safe, all while learning the right kinds of behavior from our highly trained staff!

Play Date at HOME!

If your pup just needs a mid-day break and some time to burn off energy, this option is perfect for you!  Let one of our skilled team-members drop by your home and spend quality time with your dog doing activities he loves!  From neighborhood walks to play time in your backyard, this option is sure to get your dog tuckered out by the time you make it home from work!

Why Choose Us?

As a training facility, our handlers are highly skilled at what they do.  You can rest easy knowing that your dog is safe and is being properly handled, all while learning the right kinds of behavior.

We Are Different

Dogs are bred to be companions to their owners, so naturally they thrive on human connection.  Our day care programs focus on just that by strengthening the relationship between human and dog.  We create structured play time as an alternative to uncontrolled play groups.

Schedule an In Home Play

 Available Monday – Friday, between 10 AM – 2 PM, $39/hour; $29/half hour. Play Dates are limited to certain communities near The Canine Center. 

Schedule a Recess Day

Available Monday – Friday, $35/day

*You do not need to be an active training client to participate.

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