For all dog training services in the form of Canine Behavioral Evaluations, Private or Individual Lessons, Tutor Days, and/or Group Classes (hereinafter
“Services”) offered by THE CANINE CENTER FOR TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR, LLC (“TCCTB”) and its subsidiaries & adjuncts, the undersigned client
(“CLIENT”) understands and agrees to that:
1) TCCTB, its instructors and its assistants are acting in good faith while providing Services to Client | Client’s dog and has provided facilities and
equipment necessary for Services. Reasonable precautions have been taken to provide a safe environment for the provision of Services.
2) Client agrees to hold harmless TCCTB, its instructors and its assistants for any injury that may be incurred by Client or Client’s dog as a result
of our participation in Services provided by TCCTB.
3) All TCCTB trainer programs, methods, forms, or any other materials, methods, information are confidential, with the exception of reports
specifically created for public use; Client will not disclose these to any third parties, nor attempt to alter for other use. Client will honor
Copyrighted and Trademarked materials.