About Us

Unleash your relationship with your dog!

Our philosophy and mission are quite simple. We want to help you enjoy your life with your dog. Training is based on rewards and play, free of pain and intimidation. The Canine Center’s unique training methodology is the culmination and refinement of a combined 30 years of experience and successful application to more than 13,000 dogs and their people, and 8,000 class sessions. We stand, sit, and shake on our reputation as a leader.

The Canine Center for Training and Behavior staff, facility, and methodology represents the evolution of a team of trainers who worked alongside local dog-training legend, Lee Mannix, and trained with world-renowned canine behaviorist, John Rogerson. The heritage, tradition, and wisdom of yesterday meet the innovation and ambition of tomorrow.

Located on a multi-acre facility with 3 km of specially prepared trails, multiple training sites, and a fully equipped agility field, TCCTB offers a full array of dog training and behavior consultation services. Our comprehensive and multi-faceted programs are designed not just to build the relationship between you and your dog, but to make it flourish. We do this by taking a “village” approach to meet your particular needs, offering:

  • Beginner through advanced group classes and canine sports, such as Behavior & Obedience Basics, Canine Good Citizen, Agility, Air Scenting, and Hiking/Running With Your Dog
  • Private lessons tailored to your specific needs
  • Customized behavior modification programs (e.g., aggression, fear, separation anxiety)
  • In-home and drop-off day tutoring programs
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Lectures on relevant topics, such as Babies and Dogs, Animal Behavior, and Dog Rescue Best Practices
  • Partnerships with local veterinarians, as well as with practitioners of canine acupuncture, massage, and TTouch®
  • Special needs training—is your dog deaf, blind, or otherwise challenged?

… and much, much more. Click here to see our complete list of class offerings.

Our Methodology

Why Choose TCCTB?

Rewards-Based Training

TCCTB’s training methods are the culmination and refinement of years of successful techniques that have been applied to more than 13,000 dogs and their people. Our methods are free from pain, intimidation, and fear, relying instead on shaping your dog’s behavior through rewards, praise, and leadership. By teaching our clients to build and grow positive relationships with their dogs, we help people include their dogs in their lives.

Different From Other Dog Trainers

When it comes to choosing a dog trainer, you have many options. The Canine Center stands apart from the rest with its comprehensive and customized approach to your situation, whether you need basic training skills, are struggling with a behavior problem, or are merely seeking to have more fun with your dog. Our team members—all highly trained and specialized in canine behavior—make the difference, drawing on numerous resources to ensure that you and your dog are set up to succeed.

We Offer Value, not the lowest price

For us to offer the very best in canine training and behavior, we must invest in the foremost talent, equipment, and operations. The rationale for investing in our services is similar to that of choosing a quality car or computer. One must consider the total cost of each option. What are you getting and what will you have to spend undoing or re-doing with lower-cost services?

The integrity of our services and success rate are second to none. We know that embarking on any dog-training journey is an investment, and our goal is to help you maximize your efforts upfront, not only saving you time and financial resources in the long run, but ultimately providing you and your dog a lifetime of enjoyment together.

The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund

The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund has been set up to assist those with limited financial resources so that they can still train and keep their dogs. For more information, visit the Schrodi Memorial Training Fund Website (http://www.schrodifund.org/).