Our Methodology

The Canine Center’s unique training methodology is the culmination and refinement of a combined 75 years of experience and successful application to over 16,000 dogs and clients. Our methods are free from pain, intimidation, and fear, relying instead on developing your dog’s behavior through reward, praise, and leadership.

Who we Are...

We are a dog training and behavior center of excellence that is often preferred and recommended by veterinarians, rescue organizations, as well as other dog training professionals.

Our philosophy and mission are quite simple. We want to help you enjoy life with your dog.  Dogs are bred to be companions for humans, so naturally they thrive on human connection.  We believe that by creating a relationship founded on trust is key to a successful dog/owner partnership.

Located on 14-acres of natural Texas land, our facility creates the absolute best learning environment for you and your dog. We are equipped with 8 dedicated training fields, over a mile of onsite hiking trails, as well as four loaded agility courses.  We have all the right resources to ensure your dog is set up for success all while learning the right kinds of behavior.

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We believe that the core to a successful dog/owner partnership is founded on a relationship built from trust.  With years of experience under our belts, we’ve designed comprehensive and multi-faceted programs that help people lay this very foundation and allow them to build incredible bonds with their canine companions.  Our program offerings encompass all kinds of dog lovers out there!  From brand new puppy owners beginning their journey all the way to experienced handlers who are looking to embark on new adventures with their dogs.  We cover it all.

Our program offerings include, but are not limited to –

  • Beginner through advanced group classes such as Puppy Basics, Training for your Adult Dog, Behavior & Obedience Basics, Canine Good Citizen, and many more.
  • A variety of Canine Sports offerings such as Agility, Rally, Nose work, Hiking with your Dog, Tracking, Fieldwork, Dog Powered Sports, Lure Coursing, and many more!
  • Organized trips designed for both humans and dogs
  • Canine Camp!
  • Private lessons tailored to your specific needs
  • Customized behavior modification programs based on your specific needs
  • In-home and drop-off day training programs
  • In-home and drop-off day care services
  • Nutrition
  • Clinics and seminars hosted on relevant topics, such as Babies and Dogs, Animal Behavior, and Dog Rescue Best Practices
  • Partnerships with local veterinarians, as well as with practitioners of canine acupuncture, massage, and TTouch®
  • Training dogs with special needs (blind/deaf dogs)

Relationship based training focuses on creating a relationship founded on trust and leadership between owner and dog.  We believe in setting the dog up for success without the use of intimidation techniques, fear, or pain.

Relationship based training is centered around the idea that your dog should CHOOSE to be with you, not because he NEEDS to, but because he WANTS to.

In addition to the use of relationship based training, we also implement reward based techniques.  An important factor to understand is the difference between reward and bribery.  Rewards based training is teaching the dog that they have access to everything they want and need, however must abide by the boundaries set in order to receive.

When it comes to choosing a dog trainer, you have many options. We stand apart from the rest with our comprehensive and customized approach to our client’s individual needs.  Whether it’s basic training, struggling with a behavior problem, or merely seeking to explore different avenues with your dog, we have the resources to ensure that you and your dog’s needs are met, whatever those needs may be!

The integrity of our services and success rate are second to none. We know that embarking on any dog training journey is an investment, and our goal is to help you maximize your efforts upfront, not only saving you time and financial resources in the long run, but ultimately providing you and your dog a lifetime of enjoyment together.

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