Pam Tobias
Assistant Trainer

Pam's "second career" of dog training didn't begin until 2015. Prior to this, Pam was leading a successful career in software engineering. However, between the dog calendars hanging in her office and her many "easy-to-guess" dog related passwords, it was clear that Pam's passion was for more than just IT. After spending years in an office anticipating the day's end, Pam knew she was ready for a career change. Pam made the leap and has not looked back! As a former client, she had a first hand understanding of the power of relationship based training. Pam has had many dogs including German Shepherds, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and Pit Bulls. She is constantly entertained by all the different breeds that come to the Center for training and enjoys learning and understanding each of their individual traits and behaviors. Pam is an avid outdoors person and loves bringing her dogs with her on hiking and kayaking adventures. As an assistant trainer here at The Canine Center, you're bound to find Pam with a smile on her face and a dog in her hands helping to improve their skills in everything from sitting, agility, tracking, nose work, fieldwork, and more!