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What is a Tutor Day?

What is a Tutor Day?



Iggy and Pam

Pam working on tricks with Iggy

What is a tutor day?
A Tutor Day an assistance program to aid in your training goals.  Throughout the day, our trainers work with your dogs to instill or reinforce skills that you have been working on in class or lessons, to make it easier for you to be successful at home.  Some dogs need to work on socialization with other dogs or people, some dogs need training on Canine Good Citizen test items and some dogs need to burn energy while mom and dad are at work.  We understand that dog training isn’t as easy as it looks and some dogs (and people) need a little extra help, so we provide that with tutor days.

What is the cost of a tutor day?
The cost is $45 per dog per day.

What are the days and times of a tutor day?
Drop off is between 8 AM and 9 AM.  Pick up is between 4 and 6 PM.  We currently offer tutor days Monday – Saturday and some Sundays.  We are working on adding Sundays on a permanent basis.

 What do I bring to tutor days?

  • Harness/Collar and a standard NON-Retractable leash (or other handling tools your trainer has recommended).
  • Treats – 1 to 2 types (if you forget your treats, we will have some available for purchase)
  • Toys – please limit to one or two favorite toys. We know your dog has lots of favorite things, but we won’t be able to use them all and want to make sure you get everything back!
  • Please label items so they can be easily returned.
  • Food – if you have a puppy or your dog needs to eat multiple times a day

Happy practicing agility

Who will work with my dog in a tutor day?
Our tutor staff are trainers who have advanced through intensive intern program, but we also have trainers and behavior consultants who work with the tutor dogs as needed.  The tutor program is run by Jyl Hershman-Ross, CPDT-KA and the training is overseen by Director of Training, Shari Elkins, CPDT-KA.  We do utilize our interns in the tutor program. Interns are always supervised by an experienced trainer and aid in socialization and training task generalization. We put a lot of time into organizing the tutor days and training sessions to ensure whoever works with your dog is qualified to handle and train them.  Your dog is our priority.

 What kinds of things will my dog do during a tutor day?
Anything and everything!  Your trainer knows your dog and will create a training program for the day to help support your needs and goals.  Some things that we might do with the dogs:

  • Trail Walks


    Preparing for a new baby!

  • Basic Obedience Skills
  • Proper Meet and Greet with Dogs/People
  • Canine Good Citizen Training
  • Socialization
  • Crate Training
  • Tank Swimming
  • Bike/Car Issues
  • Come When Called
  • Confidence Building
  • Sport Practice/Training
  • Leash Walking

Who can sign up for a tutor day?
Anyone who has come in for a class or a lesson can sign up for a Tutor Day.  Tutoring is limited to Canine Center clients because we need to make sure that the owners have the skills to work with their own dog as well.  We can train your dog all day and they may be perfect in our experienced hands, but if we don’t give you those same skills and tools, you will struggle at home and not see the results that you are paying for.

Where will my dog be during the day?
We have several options for housing the tutor dogs.  We have our open air Tutor Barn, which is weather protected and has several large runs and crates.  In the winter, we add walls and heaters and in the summer we have fans and a great breeze that flows through the area.  We have our fully insulated and climate controlled “Lodge”, which also doubles as a “Real Life Room” with sofa, dining table and front porch.  The Lodge can hold several dogs in crates or open top pens.  We also have the front office and our kennel “Condos”.  We constantly monitor the weather to make sure the conditions are safe for the dogs, rain or shine.

How much time will be spent training my dog vs. rest time?
Dogs in our tutor training program receive multiple training sessions during the day that BUILD on the previous one.  It is important that the dogs get a break or “down time” in between training sessions to allow the information to be absorbed.  In between training sessions, the dogs rest in an area designed to promote relaxation so that your dog is ready for the next session. Typical dogs will receive about four training sessions per day, yet some dogs learn better with shorter and more frequent sessions.  More seasoned training dogs can tolerate longer and fewer sessions. Our goal (and yours at home) is REST TIME = 2 x Training Time.  If you spend 20 minutes on leash training, give your dog AT LEAST 40 minutes before starting the next training session.

“Results from at 2011 study demonstrated that dogs trained 1-2 times per week had significantly better acquisition than daily trained dogs, and that dogs trained only 1 session a day had significantly better acquisition than dogs trained 3 sessions in a row.” (1)


Bruno taking a water break

Does my dog play with other dogs during a tutor day?
We are not a typical daycare and we do not put dogs into playgroups.  We feel there are better ways to influence and train your dog.  We may work and train around other dogs, and for puppy socialization we may pair them with an appropriate role model for supervised socialization.  Your dog is here for training, which we make as fun as play!

What else should I know about tutor days?
Tutor Days are a way to support and advance your training, but it is not a permanent fix.

(1) Demant, Helle, Ladewig, Jan, Balsby, Thorsten J.S., & Dabelsteen, Torben (September 2011). The effect of frequency and duration of training sessions on acquisition and long-term memory in dogs. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, V 133, Issues 3-4, Pages 228-234